L'alliance parfaite entre l'Orient et l'Occident

Le Mazagan


You can order takeaway | PORT LA NOUVELLE

Experience wonderful Moroccan food – we serve you dishes that are freshly made and authentic. We also have French food. Enjoy a wonderful evening in our outdoor seating area. On colder days we have a heated terrace, which offers a cosy atmosphere and a perfect safe haven from the cold. When the next heatwave hits, just come by – our air-conditioning will be a refreshing escape from the sun.

Your new favourite restaurant with a variety of drinks

Our Moroccan cuisine gives you authentic traditional dishes to enjoy. We're popular for our special local cuisine and distinct regional dishes. We recommend completing your meal with a drink, our mouth-watering burgers go perfectly with an alcoholic beverage. Our delectable tarts or our fresh bread are perfect, not just for dessert, but any time you're in the mood for a tasty snack. So come by for a delicious lunch or dinner. Our free WiFi means you can always stay connected. If like to enjoy a cigarette now and then, we also have a private smoking lounge available.

Any special nutritional needs?

We're happy to offer you a range of well prepared interesting, healthy vegetarian specialties. You'll have peace of mind when you dine with us, knowing that all your dietary needs are taken care of.

We'll help you plan your private event

Our restaurant is wheelchair accessible. So that you don't have to wait or miss out on a wonderful evening, make a reservation with us – we'd be happy to prepare a table for you. We are available via email send us an email at lemazagan11@gmail.com or give us a call at +33468411939 if you would like to make a reservation. At our restaurant you can pay cash or with voucher, travellers cheque, debit card, MasterCard, VISA or contactless payment. We're also happy to prepare your order to go, so you can enjoy it at home. Contact us today for more information about hosting private events at our restaurant. Are you planning your wedding and looking for just the right venue? We would be honoured to offer our services on your special day. You can stop by for a meal every day from 07:00 to 23:00.


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210 BD du front de Mer, 11210 PORT LA NOUVELLE, France

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